Root & Rebound's mission is to increase access to justice and opportunity for every individual with past justice system involvement. We achieve this through our three-pronged model for change: Educate. Advocate. Reform.

Why education? We believe that people directly impacted by the criminal justice system have the greatest power to change it. By transferring legal knowledge and tools from a small group of attorneys to thousands of people who have been disenfranchised and discriminated against because of arrest and conviction records, we hope that more people will be able to tap into their inner advocate and have the legal tools needed to dismantle unjust discrimination and bust myths about reentry.

trainings & Clinics calendar

Root & Rebound leads trainings and workshops across the state of California about navigating reentry barriers--from urban centers with high numbers of people returning home from prison and jail to rural and Native communities with few to no reentry services providers. With 1 in 3 Americans facing 48,000+ legal barriers because of their criminal record, we believe successful reintegration requires greater skills and tools for self-advocacy and legal know-how among all community stakeholders: currently and formerly incarcerated people, impacted family members and loved ones, social services providers, advocates, staff at government agencies, and employers and landlords. To start, check out our trainings calendar for offerings in your areas! Please contact Emily Juneau at for more information about our statewide trainings and workshops.