Education Toolkit

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As part of a collective efforts of educators, formerly incarcerated students, reentry lawyers, and allies, we are thrilled to share "My Education, My Freedom: A Toolkit for Formerly Incarcerated and System-Impacted Students Pursuing Education in California" with you.

This toolkit provides a roadmap for currently enrolled and potential students in California to develop their educational and career plan and navigate the educational landscape with a criminal record.

For the millions of Californians with prior justice system involvement, furthering education is an exciting opportunity build skills and a support network for a better and more liberated life. However, students with records can face barriers to certain jobs and licensed occupations, are often told there are no financial or other resources for them (which is false!), and may require extra social support in an educational landscape that often fails to reflect their lived experiences.

This Toolkit has valuable information not only for students, but also for schools, educators, career counselors and job coaches, and reentry services providers statewide! If you would like to request a training on this material, please contact Sonja Tonnesen at

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to our amazing partners Five Keys Charter Schools and the Los Angeles Mayor's Office of Reentry. We would also like to thank the incredible contributions of advisors at Restoring Our Communities at Laney College, Project Rebound, The Opportunity Institute's Corrections to College California project, Street Scholars at Merritt CollegeVera Institute of Justice, Because Black is Still Beautiful, the California Department of Education, Contra Costa County Office of Correctional Education, and more!