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LOS ANGELES: Free Legal Clinic for People with Records

Root & Rebound is hosting two free legal clinics for people with records in the LA Area this December! Below is information for the clinic on Dec. 13th.

ABOUT THE FREE LEGAL CLINIC: Meet 1-on-1 with a lawyer to learn about your legal rights with an arrest or conviction record! At the clinic, we will be providing record-cleaning services and legal information about navigating barriers because of your record related to employment, housing, public benefits, family & children, immigration, parole & probation, and more!

At this clinic, our lawyers can answer questions like:

  • “Can I expunge my record?”

  • “Can I change how much child support I owe?”

  • “Can I get my felony changed to a misdemeanor?”

  • “Can I challenge parole conditions?”

  • “What can an employer ask me about my record?”

  • “Can I get visitation rights with my children?”

  • “Can a landlord run a background check on me?"

WHAT TO BRING: If possible, please bring a government-issued photo ID. To complete record-cleaning on-site, you should also bring a copy of your complete criminal history information - also called a “RAP sheet”. Call us at 510-279-4662 to get more information on ordering your RAP sheet, and ask for Amber.

WHEN: December 13th, 2018 from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.

WHERE: 787 South Alameda, Suite 206 Los Angeles, CA 90021

RSVP: Click here — or call 510-279-4662 to RSVP by phone.

QUESTIONS? Call us at 510-279-4662.