"Roadmap to Reentry" Guide

Roadmap 2016 Cover

The “Roadmap to Reentry: A California Legal Guide" is designed to be a resource of legal information that people can turn to about issues along the path of reentry. It is comprehensive in scope, covering nine areas of law and civic life: Housing, Employment, Parole & Probation, Education, Cleaning Up Your Criminal Record, ID & Voting Rights, Family & Children, Public Benefits, and Court-ordered Debt.

“I want to say Thank You for the Roadmap to Reentry Legal Guide. It has been very, very helpful to me. Now I am able to say I feel good about getting out of Prison and know that I’ll be able to get my life back.”
— Currently Incarcerated Person in California State Prison


Root & Rebound also creates additional toolkits and resources to support people in reentry and preparing for release, along with their loved ones, advocates, and other critical stakeholders (employers, landlords, etc.) who are important allies in the movement for criminal justice reform. We will add future toolkits here, so look out for new resources! Currently, the only version available of the Reentry Planning Toolkit is the version for people in reentry, but the version for family members & loved ones as well as the version for service providers will be coming soon!

Fact Sheets

Immigration Fact Sheet

The new administration’s policies and orders on immigration are extremely worrisome. However, there are ways you can “clean up” your criminal record in order to make it as immigration-safe as possible. Please check out our fact sheet for immigrants with criminal records, created in partnership with the Immigrant Legal Resource Center.

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