Happy Holidays from all of us at Root & Rebound!

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2018 has been a year of tremendous growth for our Root & Rebound team, and we are proud to share updates as we ask for your support to continue to make our work possible. When we started Root & Rebound in 2013, with just two lawyers on staff, we set out to understand how a small but mighty group of advocates could work effectively to reduce the impact of mass incarceration on the most vulnerable communities across the country. Today, we have reached 79,000 people through our California programs, with nearly 20 people on our team, 3 offices across our state, resources created in 9 additional states, and developing new national programs.

We are working on the frontlines of one of the greatest civil and human rights issues of our time. As attorneys, we know that access to justice and opportunity, a fundamental human right, is not a reality for those who cannot afford it. The United States has two different systems of criminal justice: one system of “justice” for people with privilege and means, and another system of “injustice” for the poor and people of color—who are policed, prosecuted, and sentenced at higher rates.

Impact numbers with images from LA, Fresno, South Carolina, Tribal + NYT and recent news articles

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