Our Impact

This year, we have achieved the following:

Direct Legal Services:

  • Reached more than 3,250 people via legal clinics, reentry legal hotline, and prison legal mail;

  • 93% of clients surveyed reported that their reentry legal issue was resolved with an R&R’s attorney support;

  • 94% of clients surveyed reported they had nowhere else to go for legal support, and 28% attendees reported that they had tried going to other legal aid organizations first but were turned away with their reentry issue unresolved;

  • 100% of hotline clients who reached out to Root & Rebound about a parole condition concern have stayed free & avoided re-incarceration.

Public Education:

Policy Advocacy:

  • Co-sponsored three legislative bills in CA to advocate for occupational licensing reform to increase access to living wage-careers for people with previous justice-system involvement;

  • Co-sponsored legislation to reform CA's Certificate of Rehabilitation process and give people stronger legal avenues for proving their rehabilitation before the court and/or the Governor, including urgent requests that will benefit non-citizens facing deportation;

  • Testified before the CA Senate to increase investments in the men and women leaving our prisons and jails every day;

  • Partnered with #cut50’s #StillNotFree campaign, shedding light on inefficient, costly and overbearing parole and probation.

Our Reach

National REACH

California REACH

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