Know-Your-Rights Resources

Root & Rebound creates comprehensive reentry legal guides, toolkits, and online trainings and videos for people with records and people in reentry, as well as the family members, loved ones, and service providers who support them.

We also provide legal resources and consultation for government agencies, employers, and housing providers so they know the law and can become part of the solution to advance social and economic opportunity for people with prior justice system involvement.

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Roadmap to Reentry Legal Guide

The Roadmap to Reentry: A California Legal Guide offers encyclopedic legal information in a Q&A format for people with criminal records and those who support them across the state of California. Turn to the Roadmap to Reentry as a reference guide with specific questions about how a criminal record impacts someone's legal rights related to getting ID, voting, housing, employment, family and children, parole and probation, court-ordered debt, public benefits, record-cleaning, immigration issues, and more. The Roadmap to Reentry has a wealth of reentry legal information that allows people to better advocate for themselves or those they support with records.

New! The Roadmap to Reentry is now available as a searchable website at You can also download the PDF (it's about 1,200 pages!) or order a paper copy. Use the buttons below!

Reentry Planning Toolkits

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The Reentry Planning Toolkits are interactive reentry planning guides that walk people through a holistic reentry plan: including user-friendly tools, checklists, action steps, and the most critical know-your-rights legal information related to getting ID, housing, employment, family and children, parole and probation, education, court debt, record-cleaning, immigration, and more. We have 3 versions, each tailored for different audiences: (1) people in reentry and people with arrest and conviction records; (2) family members with a loved one in reentry; and (3) service providers working with people in reentry. The Reentry Planning Toolkits include practical Q&A and action steps to prepare for common obstacles and needs in reentry.



The Fair Chance Hiring Toolkit is designed for California employers, HR professionals, corporate counsel and workforce development professionals to learn about the best practices and new laws related to hiring and supporting workers with prior justice system involvement. Root & Rebound also offers legal consultation for employers, HR  professionals, and organizations serving people in reentry on Fair Chance Employment. Please contact KC Taylor at for more information about our Fair Chance Hiring workshops, regional Fair Chance Employment Commissions, and legal consultations.


"MY FREEDOM, MY EDUCATION": A Toolkit for formerly incarcerated and system-impacted students pursuing education in california

The Education Toolkit is a practical guide for currently or formerly incarcerated and system-impacted students who are continuing their education in California. It has key information on everything from adult basic education to the GED to college and graduate school, as well as important know-your-rights information to prepare for and reduce criminal record-related barriers to certain careers.

This information is also critical for educators, career counselors, programs serving students with records, and workforce development professionals, as system-impacted students face unique obstacles on their career and college pathways that you need to know! For interest in further training on education and career pathways for students with records, please contact Sonja Tonnesen at


Our online Reentry Training Hub features video trainings and worksheets explain key areas of life impacted by a criminal record. Right now, it is free to sign up and access educational content. Watch the intro video and then check out the online training hub at

To request new video topics, please email Emily Juneau at

Fact Sheets

Immigration Fact Sheet

The new administration’s policies and orders on immigration are extremely worrisome. However, there are ways you can “clean up” your criminal record in order to make it as immigration-safe as possible. Please check out our fact sheet for immigrants with criminal records, created in partnership with the Immigrant Legal Resource Center.