Root & Rebound selected as one of Namaste Foundation's Exceptional Nonprofits in Criminal Justice Reform!

Namaste Foundation has profiled organizations that are are doing important work to address the interconnected challenges of mass incarceration and structural racism.  Root & Rebound was selected this year as of one of ten exceptional nonprofits that are tackling various aspects of criminal justice reform, and working to repair harm and rebuild communities. See the entire list here.

State licensing boards block inmate re-entry opportunities

Check out Katherine's recently published Op Ed in the East Bay Times that speaks powerfully to the unchecked power of the state’s almost 50 occupational licensing boards that control entry to more than 200 professions, and block thousands of Californians from the careers they are trained for. We look forward to pursuing policy reform efforts in 2018 but in the meantime, read more about this critical issue here!

Our ED and BHSI Fellow, Katherine Katcher, speaking at Chicago Ideas Week!

"Our generation is waking up to the notion that we criminalize poor in this country and that we criminalize people of color at alarming rates. So whether you have  a long arrest history isn't probative of your guilt or your worth, it's probative of how many police officers are on your street, are monitoring your daily lives, your parents' lives, and the kind of world you grow up in." - Katherine Katcher at Chicago Ideas week. Watch more of this inspiring discussion with all the 2017 Bluhm-Helfand Fellows here!

Preventing people with past justice system involvement from working is silly

BUT for the heroic work of state prisoners, the wildfires that recently swept through northern California would have been even more destructive. Read more about how former prisoners are being systematically restricted from careers they have trained for and and braved their lives for here

How inmates who fight wildfires are later denied firefighting jobs

Many prisons offer educational and job training programs for inmates hoping to work in fields like cosmetology, firefighting or even law after serving their time. But due to complicated occupational licensing laws, which often automatically deny applicants with criminal histories, men and women who take advantage of these training programs are released from prison only to discover it is next to impossible to be hired for their acquired skills. Read more here.

‘From Incarceration to Education’ offers message of hope, tools for change

“FITE.” The film offers a moving, three-dimensional depiction of the imprisonment and subsequent UC education, of its four subjects: David Maldonado, Shalita Williams, Richard Rodriguez-Leon and Clarence Ford. By following the intimate microcosms of the personal triumphs and tragedies of each subject, the documentary succeeds in commenting upon a macrocosm of injustices experienced before, during and after incarceration. In order to further ensure the success of this goal, an informative presentation from Root & Rebound, which offers free legal services to those coming out prison and jail, will follow each screening.

SF’s LEAD Program Seeks to Divert Offenders From Jail

“Instead of facing arrest and prosecution, individuals who choose to enroll in the program can get help from case managers to gain access to public benefit programs, substance abuse treatment, mental health services, employment opportunities and housing options.”  A recent SF GATE article discusses a new plan for SF and BART police, in which LEAD options are given to individuals who could instead be facing possession or sale of a controlled substance.  Find the full article here.

Root & Rebound: Me viste encarcelado y me visitaste

We are honored to be featured in the newspaper of the San Francisco Archdiocese, a group dedicated to changing the criminal justice system in the United States. You can read about our most recent Empowerment Summit that took place in April here. Thank you to the Archdiocese for partnering with us.  You can find the article here.

The incredible group, Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos, is also featured!

Estamos honrados de ser incluidos en el Periodico del Arquidicocesis de San Francisco, un grupo dedicado a cambiar la sistema criminal en los Estados Unidos. Puedes leer aquí sobre la Cumbre Empoderamiento para Estudiantes y Familias que se llevo acabo en Abril. Gracias a Archdiocese of San Francisco por asociarse con nosotros. El grupo increíble Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos también fue presentado en esta historia!  Puede leer el artículo aqui.




Root & Rebound is a 2016 S+ Catalyst. As a member of the Catalyst, Root & Rebound is benefiting from tailored support, expertise, and training with industry experts and consultants from the Stand Together team on a range of topics including organizational development, branding, measurement and growth, and strategic relationships. With Stand Together’s partnership, Root & Rebound is well-positioned to amplify its impact in California and to expand its work across the United States to meet the large and growing need for re-entry implementation on a broad scale.

Root & Rebound and Partners Launch Fair Chance Toolkit for California Business Community

Root & Rebound and Partners Launch Fair Chance Toolkit for California Business Community

Root & Rebound and Partners Launch Toolkit on ‘Fair Chance’ HiringLaws for California Business Community

Cross-Sector Partnership Educates Employers on Hiring and Retaining Talented Workers with Records

Oakland, California, October 4, 2016  Root & Rebound, a reentry legal resource center based in Oakland, California, launched the first-ever Fair Chance Hiring Toolkit and training program to empower California employers to fairly and lawfully hire talented workers with criminal records, in partnership with the Los Angeles’ Mayor’s Office, the Los Angeles Metro Employer Advisory Council, the City of Los Angeles Workforce Development Board, and Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation. 

The California Employers’ Fair Chance Hiring Toolkit is available for free online at: and or It is also available in print for $10 per copy.