Root & Rebound's mission is to increase access to justice and opportunity for every individual with past justice system involvement. We achieve this through our three-pronged model for change: Educate. Advocate. Reform.


Why policy and systems reform? There are still too many restrictions on freedom and ceilings on opportunity that have no proven relationship to public health or public safety. At Root & Rebound, we support smart reentry policy and believe that people who are directly impacted are in the best position to lead political and cultural change. We make space for the voices of people directly impacted to be heard at the local, state, and national levels. Through careful selection of the bills we sign onto and by building cross-sector coalitions, we are making high-impact structural & systemic change.


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State-run occupational licensing boards routinely deny people a license to work in professions for which they are trained, educated, and qualified solely because of their arrest or conviction record--even expunged convictions or arrests that never led to a conviction! With over 200 licensed professions in California, and nearly 1 in 3 jobs in the U.S. requiring a license, it's time to pass #FairChanceLicensing reform.

To get involved in our Coalition, whose 50+ members include directly impacted experts, reentry services providers, large and small employers , probation, and government officials, contact Sonja at

Snapshot of our 2018 FAIR CHANCE LICENSING Bills: 



The Bay Area Blue Ribbon Commission on Fair Chance Hiring (BRC) is a coalition of almost 70 government agencies, non-profit organizations and private sector companies, who are committed to increasing awareness around the benefits and obligations of employing fair chance hiring practices in the Bay Area.

Through cross-sector collaboration, the BRC aims to 1) improve employers’ willingness to recruit, hire, and retain individuals with past system involvement; 2) improve the ability of Bay Area residents with records to achieve gainful employment that puts them on the path to upward mobility and economic security; and 3) to improve public safety through greater employment and economic security, which in turn is the greatest tool to lessen recidivism and poverty in the region. To join the Bay Area BRC or launch one in your region, please email K.C. Taylor at