The Reentry Landscape

Much of the failure in reentry and reintegration is due to barriers and roadblocks, the result of decades of failed policies disenfranchising people with criminal records, creating cycles of intergenerational poverty and incarceration in vulnerable communities. Even for the most motivated, these roadblocks to stability, compounded by a lack of information about how to navigate these issues, are too pervasive and immense. 

Today, we are seeing unprecedented numbers of people released from prison and jail back to the community--and an opportunity to give an entire generation a second chance at success. Yet, with 44,000 documented federal, state, and local barriers to successful reintegration--barriers to employment, housing, financial stability and family reunification--we believe that the system is broken and has set people up to fail. 

Root & Rebound works to ensure that people in reentry who desire a second chance have that opportunity and are "reentry ready"--to access employment, housing, family, financial stability, and other goals they have. Our programs and services put people in reentry on a path of stability, empowering them with the know-how and tools to navigate barriers and access employment, housing, education, financial support, family and social networks, and the resources they need to successfully transition home. 

To learn more about developing the "Roadmap to Reentry" and our model for changing the reentry landscape, please see Our Story

Why Reentry Matters