“Why do you come to work at Root & Rebound everyday?”

To serve my fellow human beings because each of us are what the other one has.

Zack Gates

VISTA Data & Technology Coordinator

Zack Gates is an AmeriCorps VISTA serving as the Data and Technology Coordinator at Root & Rebound.

Originally, Zack came to Root & Rebound as a volunteer looking for an opportunity to serve his community. It was a desire for personal growth through positive contribution that geared him towards that service, and it was his passion for second chances and not giving up on people that led him to choose Root & Rebound.

In his own words: “I fell in love with this mission. And, when I realized that I could contribute to it with even just the basic skills I possessed, I didn’t want to leave. I know what it’s like to be given up on and I also know what it’s like to discover that, actually, there are still people who won’t give up on you. It’s literally life changing.”

For his service as the Data and Technology coordinator, Zack brings to bear his experience as a specialist, coordinator, and supervisor in the third party logistics field where he conducted similar people-centered data gathering and analysis as part of his core function. He is very much looking forward to applying these skills in the nonprofit sector and especially towards Root & Rebound’s mission.