A Reentry Advocacy Center

At Root & Rebound, we work to ensure that people in reentry who desire a second chance have that opportunity for successful reintegration and are "reentry ready," able to meet their goals of employment, housing, education, family reunification, and financial stability.

Our programs and services equip people in reentry and the family and loved ones, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations who support them, with the resources and tools they need to achieve successful reintegration. 


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National Programs & Impact


In conjunction with the publication and dissemination of the "Roadmap to Reentry" guide online and in print, and our library of other self-help resources, Root & Rebound conducts trainings across California that teach communities most impacted by incarceration how to successfully navigate reentry. The trainings are based on the "Roadmap to Reentry" guide and are intended for a wide audience, including people in reentry and those who support them: community service providers, advocates, educators, community supervision officers, family and friends. To see our current training calendar, click here.



Root & Rebound operates a Reentry Advice Hotline every Friday from 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. that is free and open to anyone in California with a reentry-related legal issue, question, or concern. Our hotline number is 510-279-4662. We also offer community legal clinics across the state for people with arrest and conviction records to get legal support. To see our calendar, click here.


We advocate for criminal justice reform and communicate issues on the ground to local and state governments. If you or someone you know in reentry is having an issue with restrictions of rights and freedoms, issues with an administrative process, or denials of services or benefits, please tell us about it here. We will do our best to incorporate your words into our advocacy. (Please note: we cannot guarantee our staff will be able to get back to you directly, but we promise we are listening!).