South Carolina Justice Alliance (SCJA)

Purpose of SCJA:

  • Making our criminal-legal environment more equitable, just, and fair for everyone in society.
  • To achieve the deep and sustainable reforms we all desire in the criminal-legal system that we have been unable to accomplish on our own as separate organizations.

We hope we can make what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and later President Barack Obama have described as “the arc of the moral universe,” actually bend towards justice in South Carolina.

What does that mean in real terms?
Here are some of the issues we view as our top priorities for reform long term:

  • Sentencing
  • Parole
  • Economic barriers to re-entry including:
      • Ban the Box
      • Expungement laws
      • Occupational licensing

At the same time, we will need to address criminal-legal issues that arise during the legislative session, such as bail reform or civil asset forfeiture. Sometimes this will entail fighting against the passage of bad bills, and other times it will require proposing better alternatives.

What do we provide for members of SCJA?

  • We will be your eyes and ears at the Statehouse during legislative session, providing weekly legislative updates via email.
  • We will spotlight upcoming subcommittee and committee hearings and identify opportunities for members and the public to provide testimony.
  • We will provide periodic trainings on issues such as:
    1. How the legislative process works in South Carolina
    2. How to testify in the most effective manner
SCJA Leadership Committee:
With lobbying and advocacy assistance from:
Kyle Michel and Caroline Bokesch with the Michell Law Firm

Organizations that we collaborate with:

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