Policy Advocacy | December 13, 2019

What Happens After Prisoners Learn to Code?

Root & Rebound’s Executive Director, Katherine Katcher, quoted in The Atlantic’s article on the needs that formerly incarcerated people face and the ways that tech companies and the corporate sector need to broaden their investments in this space.

‘With more than 600,000 people returning to society each year, a company hiring three formerly incarcerated software engineers doesn’t do much to address the scale of the reentry challenge. “Programs like the one at Slack help returning citizens feel their worth and dignity,” said Katcher. “But I want to caution the movement to get tech to propose solutions to all of society’s issues. We need to applaud companies like Slack, but know that the nitty-gritty of human services—housing, health care, social support—which lots of nonprofits and public institutions are working on, the private sector has largely turned away from.”’

By: Simone Stolzoff



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