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National Fair Chance Housing Toolbox

Fair Chance Housing is the belief that people with criminal records should not have to experience additional barriers to accessing housing solely because of their record.

Every year, over 60,000 people are released from California prisons alone. Access to stable housing can have a huge impact on a person’s ability to successfully reenter society after release. On any given night, over 114,000 people in California experience homelessness. Recently incarcerated people face an increased risk of housing insecurity & homelessness. And people of color experience both incarceration & homelessness at disproportionate rates. In California, black residents make up 6% of the state population but account for 27% of the state’s incarcerated population and nearly 38% of the state’s homeless population.

Thanks to the support of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, in early May, Root & Rebound traveled to Baltimore, MD, and Atlanta, GA, to workshop initial drafts of a soon-to-be-released multimedia National Fair Chance Housing Toolkit for people with arrest and conviction records and state-specific fact sheets. Stay tuned for our final National Toolkit and companion powerpoint training and training videos, as well as state-specific fact sheets for CA, GA, MD, NY, OH, PA & TX.

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If you are you interested in developing Root & Rebound's know-your-rights reentry resources in your state, partnering on our current work, or building the legal capacity and support of people with records in your state, please reach out to our Deputy Director, Sonja Tonnesen at