South Carolina Roadmap to Reentry: Education Chapter

We are excited to introduce the second chapter of our South Carolina Roadmap—Education! Our goal is to empower individuals who have been impacted by the criminal justice system, by providing information on how to pursue education credentials.  

The EDUCATION CHAPTER explains the various options available to pursue education, for those who are currently incarcerated, preparing for release, or have been formerly incarcerated, or impacted by the criminal justice system in any way. It explores options for financial aid, funding, educational programs, along with other education related options.

To improve overall access to know-your-rights legal information and resources in South Carolina, the Second Chance Justice Collaborative is publishing “Roadmap to Reentry: A South Carolina Legal Guide.” This comprehensive guide will have information on many areas of law and life impacted by having a record, including getting ID, employment, family & children, court-ordered debt, expungement, and more!

While in the process of publishing the full South Carolina Roadmap, we are releasing select chapters early, to ensure we are getting South Carolina-specific reentry information into the hands of the people who need it as quickly as possible

If you have questions about Education, the South Carolina Roadmap, or are seeking more information and resources, please reach out to the Second Chance Justice Collaborative at [email protected]!

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