Connecticut Roadmap to Reentry

In Connecticut, there are over 550 statutory barriers to reentry for residents with convictions, on top of nationally applicable reentry barriers.

Connecticut Legal Services and Root & Rebound partnered to create a know-your-rights guide that will empower currently and formerly incarcerated people, and people with arrest and conviction records, across the state as they navigate the complex process of reentry and protecting their rights. The guide is also written to aid the work of social service providers, lawyers supporting people with records, and family members with directly impacted loved ones.

The first of its kind in Connecticut, this guide is an in-depth yet simple-to-read legal resource. It answers questions like:

  • Where can I live after release?
  • What help can I get with my medical, financial and food needs?
  • Can I apply for that support while I’m still incarcerated?
  • How do I get the Identification Documents I need?
  • How can I adjust my child support?
  • How do I reconnect with my children after I leave prison?

The guide includes navigational information about getting ID and other key documents, housing, public benefits, and family issues for people with records and those who support them. The Connecticut Roadmap to Reentry is a resource to equip people in Connecticut with the tools they need to thrive – not just survive – in reentry.

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