Reentry Planning Toolkit

The California Reentry Planning Toolkit was created to help individuals in reentry from prison and jail and people with arrest and conviction records develop an individualized reentry plan and learn about their legal rights along the way. The Toolkit provides answers to key questions such as: “What are my rights with a criminal record? Where do I start? Who can help? When should I start?”

The Toolkit also provides practical tools— important information, action steps, questionnaires, checklists, tips, referrals, and resources—that can guide you through common questions in reentry and help you find the answers and support you seek. You will find information for getting an ID, voting rights, navigating the employment search, family reunification, education, parole and probation issues, record cleaning, and other key reentry issues. It is R&R’s desire that each individual be informed to have the best reentry back into society.

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