South Carolina Roadmap to Reentry: Voting & Civic Participation Chapter

We are thrilled to introduce the first chapter of our South Carolina Roadmap— Voting & Civic Participation! After doing significant Election Protection work throughout South Carolina during the 2020 election, particularly for those who are system-impacted, we hope that this resource will empower people to enter or continue to engage with our government system.

This Voting & Civic Participation chapter explains voting rights, registration, and other parts of civic participation. Voting is an important way to have your voice heard, through which people can participate in government elections and influence decisions made at the federal, state, and local level. This chapter also discusses jury participation and has information about running for office. Finally, Selective Service registration for the military is required of most men in the U.S. and is critical for going back to school in reentry.

To improve overall access to know-your-rights legal information and resources in South Carolina, the Second Chance Justice Collaborative is publishing “Roadmap to Reentry: A South Carolina Legal Guide.” This comprehensive guide will have information on many areas of law and life impacted by having a record, including getting ID, employment, family & children, court-ordered debt, expungement, and more!

While the full South Carolina Roadmap will be published in 2021, we are releasing select chapters early to ensure we are getting South Carolina-specific reentry information into the hands of the people who need it as quickly as possible. This first chapter is about voting and civic participation.

If you have questions about voting, the South Carolina Roadmap, or are seeking more information and resources, please reach out to the Second Chance Justice Collaborative at [email protected]!


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